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Tom Hanks has been cast as Professor Robert Langdon, who tries to solve the murder, which is linked to an ancient society and the contentious claim that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and founded a blood line. The Louvre authorities have abandoned their objections to scenes for the film version of the thriller The Da Vinci Code being shot in the museum. Filming is due to take place there in May. Sony Pictures plan to release the film, directed by Ron Howard, in May next year. Topics World news. Reuse this content. Most popular. Stand in front of The Virgin of the Rocks. The spectacular Grande Galerie in the Louvre plays an important role in the novel The Da Vinci Code, providing the setting for the beginning of the story.

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Far more remarkable than the parquet flooring with its chevron patterns mentioned in the book is the collection of Italian paintings. Four of the five paintings by Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre are on display here. It suggests that Mary holds in her left hand the invisible head of Mary Magdalene, whose neck is being symbolically sliced by the gesture of the Archangel Uriel on the right. This far-fetched interpretation of the painting might have been inspired by the work of Bernardino Luini just to the left: Salome Receiving the Head of Saint John the Baptist.

The Da Vinci Code thus transformed a gesture of protection into a metaphorical representation of murder.

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This powerful literary effect is a travesty of art history. Take a few steps to the right and stand in front of the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. This analysis, which has been controversial since the day it was published, opened up a new avenue in the history of pictures: that of their over-interpretation, something The Da Vinci Code makes unbridled use of.

Louvre Museum, Rue de Rivoli, 75001

Continue two-thirds of the way along the Grande Galerie. On your right you will see a corridor where you will find the toilets in which Sophie Neveu hides in The Da Vinci Code leading to the Mollien temporary exhibition rooms rooms to Here, the painter represents the moment when Jesus Christ reveals his Resurrection to Mary Magdalene.

The body triumphant of Christ and the ample forms of Mary create an erotic charge typical of Mannerism. As this painting suggests, with its choreography worthy of a nuptial parade, the scandalous impact of The Da Vinci Code, whose plot is based on the idea of the secret union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, might have had precedents in the imaginings of artists. Furthermore, theologians have demonstrated that Mary Magdalene, who is never named in the New Testament, is an amalgam of three different women: Mary of Bethany sister of Lazarus , Mary of Magdala Magdalene , and an anonymous sinner who appears three times in the Gospel of Saint Luke.

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Mary Magdalene has always been a figure shrouded in mystery, the subject of innumerable fantasies. Continue along the Grande Galerie to the next set of columns. Just before the columns, the paintings of Caravaggio are displayed on the left-hand wall. Stand in front of The Death of the Virgin.

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This is an ophthalmological term for a blind spot in the visual field. When applied to images, a scotoma refers to a detail the meaning of which cannot be seen but which becomes obvious when you are able to decipher it.

According to The Da Vinci Code, a scotoma in The Last Supper is the figure of Mary Magdalene, whom Leonardo had placed to the right of Jesus, although for more than five centuries historians have in fact seen here the image of Saint John. More seriously, a probable scotoma in The Death of the Virgin is the large red drape in the top right of the canvas. This red drape is the same color as the dress of the dead Virgin.

The two left-hand strips of the drape fall vertically toward her feet and the untied cord echoes that of her bodice. Drawn out of the picture frame, it could symbolize the disembodied body of Mary rising toward her Son during the Assumption. The convent that commissioned this painting from Caravaggio did not approve of this iconographic tour de force and rejected the work. They adjudged it to be irreverent on the grounds that it was vulgar and neglected the Assumption. This work by Veronese is the largest painting in the Louvre. The Wedding Feast at Cana, which mixes the Gospel with Venetian high society of the s, contains some surprising details.

Why has the artist painted simplified motifs of wedding rings on the silvery tunic of the cupbearer on the right? Why was the head of the figure in black looking up near the middle of the right-hand table stuck to the canvas and not painted directly onto it?

And why does the Virgin Mary, seated to the right of her son, seem to be holding an invisible glass in her right hand? Each of these questions could be answered in different ways, some true the stuck on head is that of the successor of the person who was there before and who had just died and others imaginary Mary symbolically keeps the unattainable Holy Grail. There are as many possible avenues of interpretation as there are pictures.

The author of The Da Vinci Code has chosen, as a novelist, to adopt imaginary interpretations in his descriptions of works of art.

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The renown of the most famous painting in the world has no doubt increased since the publication of The Da Vinci Code and the release of the film adaptation. Every day, thousands of visitors come to the Louvre to see Mona Lisa Monna Lisa in the flesh and to try and penetrate her disturbing mystery. Ever since the work was painted in by Leonardo da Vinci, kings and artists, historians and tourists, poets and thieves have projected their fantasies onto the supposed portrait of Madonna Elisabetta Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

All sorts of things have, are, and will be said about her. Ever since she was stolen on August 21, she was found again in , this icon of Renaissance art has come to embody the very idea of a museum work intended for universal contemplation.

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  • Do people come only to appreciate the sfumato? The Da Vinci Code, by attributing to her anagrams, oddities of composition, and knowing smiles, merely restates in its own way all the myths attached to it. Now forever Parisian, protected behind glass from the air, from flash photography, and from attacks, she smiles to remind us that she was once alive. Leave the Salle des Etats via the door behind the Mona Lisa. You will arrive in one of the three salles rouges, or red rooms room Denon.

    Enter the large red room on the left room Denon and go to the staircase at the end. The setting created for these works results in a spectacular explosion of color.

    France | Paris

    Be aware that to get to the Inverted Pyramid, you will have to leave the museum. Retrace your steps and continue along the red rooms to get to the Winged Victory of Samothrace. From the circular information desk under the Pyramid, you can see a long gallery with stores leading to the Carrousel du Louvre. Go to the end of this gallery and you will reach the Inverted Pyramid. This is where The Da Vinci Code and our trail come to an end.

    This entirely fictional revelation has nevertheless ensured that the little monument has entered local legend and tourist folklore. But 1.