Decoding mg midget vin number

Thanks,I think it might have a late engine and carbs.

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Car has documented 84K miles on it. My friend who bought it got it running, but I am replacing a lot of rubber bits and hoses. Plus just cleaning it up. Not having a fender mounter solenoid is the clue to a later engine.

Pretty Hannah explains how to Decode or Decipher a VIN Number

The number is: 18GK-WE-H According to the information listed above, I am unable to determine what this series actually means beyond the fact that it is an cc MG B engine, which I already knew. If any light can be shed upon the rest of the information in this number, I would be most appreciative.

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I am in the process of doing a "major" rebuild, though not an entirely frame-off restoration. Parts begin arriving via UPS tomorrow, and continue thru the rest of next week. Like I said earlier, any information that can assist with identifying the engine according. Jay, had to look at your profile and see that you have an RB car.

Explains why you are asking, as it is not OE to your car. Per Clausager's book, the 18GK engines were fitted for the 71 model year.

TF 1500 model introduction:

The "WE" denotes that it is a North American engine and the final H denotes that it is high compression. The numbers indicate its sequence.

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  6. Look below the oil filter and to the right of the dipstick. You should see a clock which will tell you the block casting date. At the 4 o'clock position, should be a 2 digit year. At the 7 o'clock position should be a one or two digit month, and at the 12 o'clock position should be a one or two digit day. Be aware that the clock may or may not be there. This is the day the block was cast, and it can be one to three months before the engine showed up on the assembly line.

    The casting has to cool, and then it goes down its own assembly line to get built up. My old 18GB engine had a. Dan here New to the group. Buying my first MGB 77 and checking up on the vehicle prior to pick up.

    AHC The Sprites

    I have a VIN but no other info on the car yet. Would love to know a little about it. I gather after reading the forum that the G at the end means it was produced in Abingdon UK Does that mean it was meant for only UK markets? What other cool stuff can be derived from the vin? Thanks all. Sign in or register a new account — it's free Sign In Register.

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    Re: MG Midget Vin Number Decode

    Lucas 16ACR or 17ACR alternator with negative earth Anti-run on valve Pre-engaged starter motor when not normally fitted Laycock overdrive Exhaust emission control Center gear change Federal regulation California regulation requirements. Finding bone stock rubber-bumper cars is becoming increasingly difficult as many owners have opted to rebuild their Midgets with chrome bumpers from earlier cars. As always, look out for rust and check the front suspension is stiff, without having tube shocks fitted.

    First gear should be quiet, which is uncommon in most cars now. Prices for the MG Midget are remarkably cheap, and represent one of the most economical ways to get into vintage motoring. For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount. A total of Midgets were assembled in Australia.

    Apart from the obvious radiator grill and bumper bar changes, there were other less obvious changes that took place during the Midgets production run. The first cars assembled in were wired positive earth, had thinly cast engine blocks requiring specially nitrated crank shafts to provide extra rigidity. Later engines blocks were cast with thicker walls. Other changes were to negative earth wiring and and alternator, chunckier boot lock handle, internal door latch handles, and quarter light window handles.

    Plastic window winder and internal door pull handles.

    T Type chassis and engine identification

    Crossflow radiators running at higher pressures. The differential ratio was also changed to 3. Most of theses changes took place within the earlier models production run. This can actually be a source of frustration for anyone attempting a factory original restoration, trying to work out some of these finer details for your particular car.

    But at the same time presenting quite an interesting research project. All Australian assembled Midgets were fitted with cc engines, an oil cooler, front sway bar, radial tyres, twin horns, and wire wheels as standard. Austin Healey Sprite Mk1. Austin Healey Sprite Mk2. Austin Healey Sprite Mk2A. Austin Healey Sprite Mk3.