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For some businesses, yellow pages advertising was their primary and only instrument for getting business referrals, and they felt like they were somewhat at the mercy of the YP companies. The usage erosion is different in different markets and industries. And, consumers coming through YP advertising convert at a much higher rate — these people are in buying mode, unlike other media.

Out with the old, in with the new

But at the big yellow pages companies, the advertisers — small, medium and large businesses across the country — have begun re-evalutating their spends. Print revenue has dropped at Idearc, R. The avoidance and refusal to acknowledge the bad news has resulted in distrust from advertisers, so small businesses are skeptical and are not listening to their premise sales reps as easily any more.

That previously trusted relationship appears to have become broken. A number of these companies also have really huge debt loads which no longer appear tenable from the perspective of Wall Street, in the face of declining print revenues.

Yellow Pages Online Advertising is Dead, Get The Facts!

Even while the legacy print side of the business has been trying to hold on by its fingernails, yellow pages companies were hip and visionary years ago when they saw potential in the internet. Most of these companies founded an internet version of yellow pages well before there was any shakiness in their print business. These companies easily beat the local newspapers into the online race.

So, this all boils down to relatively few problems which can be summed-up. Print YP usage and therefore associated ad revenue, is decreasing.

How to collect USA Local data from Yellowpages

Meanwhile, revenue from online yellow pages has been increasing or holding somewhat steady over the past few years. I think that these yellow pages companies basically need to do these three things in order to survive and be successful:. So, here are my ideas for addressing these top issues: 10 ideas to save the yellow pages. Jewish YP. Desi YP. Christian YP. Black-Owned YP. Chinese YP. Russian YP.

How did Yellow Media's stock go from $17 to 17 cents?

Vietnamese YP. Vegetarian YP. Democratic YP. Republican YP.

Quality - Quantity of Traffic Generation

Specialty-audience directories are much smaller in scope, but they have very dedicated demographic groups that are often more accepting of printed books — they like to show their specialized community support through using the businesses in those targeted directories. Niche markets appear to me to be one area where print can be highly successful still. Do you have any ideas that can bolster the faltering yellow pages companies?

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If so, mention them in the comments. Traffic generation that creates possible revenue for companies is the same function for both Google Listing and the Yellow Pages. We may prefer to use one over the other based on the following: ease of use, affordability, quick results, fast access and up to date information. In the age of digital marketing, it pays to have all of the aforementioned attributes to create a wider client base and ensure income generation. So which service can get your business, on a limited advertising budget, more enquiries Google AdWords or Yellow Pages Online? However, research also shows that Yellow Pages Online gaining 5 billion searches a year pales in comparison to the 6 billion searches average a day on Google. The search trends also indicate that users of Yellow Pages Online continue to decline.

A business would do well to ask how much value is ranking first on the Yellow Pages online when there are lesser people accessing the listing.

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It also appears that staying on Yellow Pages may be only beneficial for certain types of businesses found locally in a neighbourhood. The common denominator to these ten is, the demand for local services.

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A non-service industry business may not fare as well on Yellow Pages. If your business does not have a neighbourhood identity, you will do well to explore online advertising service on Google AdWords which brings traffic to your website.