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The Open Records Act states that law enforcement agencies shall make available:. Mayor's Executive Order states: "Record production requests must be precise enough to identify with reasonable certainty exactly what document is requested. Generalized or blanket requests will not be honored.

Arrestee information and facts concerning the arrest can be found on the Arrest and Booking Data Sheet. In order to obtain this information, the requestor must provide the name of the individual arrested and an approximate date of arrest within a few days of the actual date of arrest. The Records Section does not consistently maintain conviction information. The most up-to-date and accurate source for conviction information is the court of record. Conviction information on municipal misdemeanors can be obtained from the City of Tulsa Municipal Court Clerk's Office. The disposition of warrants can be obtained through the court issuing the warrant.

Copies of outstanding warrants can be obtained through the Records Section, however, because they are on file in a physically separate location, they can only be produced after a hour delay. A chronological list of incidents does not exist in written form. Records personnel are able to search a computer database by name or location to locate a specific report. Generalized requests for information, such as the number of drunk driving arrests, the number of accidents at an intersection, or the number of burglaries in a geographic area can only be obtained by running a search of the computer database.

Requests of this nature should be directed in writing to the Chief of Police. The requestor will have to pay a research fee to obtain this information. The department prepares a monthly report listing a summary of crimes reported by crime type. This report also contains summary information about the number of people arrested by crime type.

Expungement: Clear Oklahoma Criminal Arrest Records

This information can be obtained from the Records Section. Radio logs are maintained by Public Safety Communications, a separate department within the City of Tulsa. The Records Section maintains a copy of the jail blotter for thirty 30 days. This city ordinance states that an individual identified as the victim of a criminal offense in the police report, or a pedestrian, an occupant, or an owner whose property was directly involved in a traffic collision report may receive one free copy of the report.

The Mayors Executive Order lists fees for documents not listed specifically on the ordinance. Other charges are authorized by the Mayor which are the costs to reproduce items such as pictures, video tapes, or computer programs. Paragraph A states: "Except as provided by this section or as otherwise specifically provided by state or federal laws, the following juvenile records are confidential and shall not be open to the general public, inspected, or their contents disclosed. Therefore, the Records Section is unable to release any record on a juvenile, including arrest records or reports in which the victim was a juvenile.

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These records cannot be released to the juvenile or his parents or guardian. WebCheck from the Attorney General's Office. Cuyahoga County Public Access. Access the records of the county's Probate Court.

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The database includes information on estates, guardianships, and marriage licenses. Fairfield County Clerk of Courts. Access the records of the county's courts. The database includes information on civil, criminal, and divorce cases. Franklin County Public Access.

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Retrieve information on criminal and civil cases in Franklin County's Municipal Court. Franklin County Probate Case Search. Hamilton County Case Inquiry. Access county case records on civil, criminal, and traffic cases. Lake County Court Records. Contains information on civil, criminal, domestic relations, and Court of Appeals cases.

Search court cases by last name, company name, or case number. Summit County Case Search. Access information on civil, criminal, domestic, and court of appeals cases. Oklahoma District Court Records.

Search county district court public records. Public access to appellate court, criminal common pleas court, and magisterial district court docket sheets; court calendars; rules of court; UJS contract postings; and ePay for secure payment of fines, costs and restitution. Criminal History Search. This website is administered by the Pennsylvania State Police. Find policies and related information pertaining to accessing official case records of the magisterila district courts, electronic case records, and UJS financial records.

First Judicial District, Pennsylvania Civil Trial Division Find information on arbitration appeals, compulsory arbitration, and commerce case management.

Search Court Records. Allows users to access information on Utah's court and cases. The online database requires a paid subscription. Appellate Docket Search. Allows users to access case information by using the appellate case number. The database does not allow searches for cases that have been closed for longer than 3 months. Welcome to Vermont Courts Online. Supreme Court. Search for information on cases using name, case number, or hearing date. Court of Appeals. Circuit Courts. Not all Circuit Courts provide online case information.

Search for a Case. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities docket.

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Criminal Records. Obtain access to information in the Judicial Information System's statewide computer with a paid subscription. Alabama alacourt. Virtual Docket. Manages Delaware's court documents online.

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The database allows the user to access information concerning bankruptcy, chancery, claims, district, opinions, and the state's supreme court. The Web site charges a fee to access the information. Johns County St. Case Search - 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. The state has no online court records. Supreme Court Public View Docket.

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Supreme Court Docket Search. Supreme Court Case Docket. Search the docket using the case number, party's name, or attorney's information. Oklahoma State Court Network. Subscription service.