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Here are some key differences between the two:. Launched in , the Automated Fingerprint Identification System AFIS stores more than 35 million sets of fingerprints, mostly submitted by law enforcement agencies. A fingerprint background check, or Identity History Summary , is often used in conjunction with other background checks and is most often used as part of the pre-employment screening process. A fingerprint background check is mandatory for government-run institutions such as public schools, airports, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and fire departments.

It may also be required to be eligible to receive certain professional licenses, including jobs in real estate, medical care, finance, casinos, and pharmacies. If a fingerprint background check is required for employment, applicants will visit an authorized local fingerprint business or government organization to have their fingerprints scanned or inked and submitted. If an employer in the U.

With an international background check, the employer can get international criminal records, education, and employment verification.

Depending on the information employers need, they may pay for one, two, or all three. GoodHire provides international background checks for countries.

A tight labor market is good for those with criminal records

Many landlords also check credit reports to verify whether a person applying to rent property has a history of good credit and may be more likely to pay rent on time. Additionally, some jobs require a credit background check, especially for positions in the financial services industry where the employee would manage money, or has access to money on a daily basis. Employers must get written permission from applicants and employees and inform that information in their credit background check may be used in a decision about their employment.

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  • For example, you can run a personal background check to see if your name appears in any criminal, traffic, or sex offender databases. Finding out what shows up on your background check is a great way to address potential errors you find. A professional license background check verifies that the applicant does indeed possess a valid license as claimed and is an important step in helping to protect the employer from negligent hiring claims. Certain industries rely on professional licenses to ensure that people working in that industry have the experience, knowledge, and credentials required to perform the job.

    Disclaimer: The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

    Best Background Check Service for Small Business: GoodHire

    We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws. Sara Korolevich is editor of the blog and responsible for communicating GoodHire's product news, feature enhancements, and background check compliance updates. Most of the times, companies assume that the applicants are telling the truth on their resumes.

    Most of the times, applicants are honest but there are few areas where they can hide the truth from you.

    What Do Background Checks Include?

    To ensure that your company is hiring the right person, a background check needs to take place. A background check can include education, employment, credit history, criminal records, license record etc. There are various background check services providers that can get you all the information on your current or future employees.

    Here are some obvious reasons why your company needs to acquire background check services to ensure sound hiring decisions:. It Highlights Criminal History. One of the main reasons why companies decide for pre-employment background checks is to flag any previous criminal history of the applicant.

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    • Sometimes, criminal history suggests minor charges on the applicant. However, in order to ensure that whether the applicant is suitable for hiring or not, a criminal history check needs to take place. It Avoids Liability. But the good news is that there is a way to help avoid this fate: by running a thorough background check.

      Background checks simply make good business sense.

      Criminal Records Employment Screening Background Check Services

      They are critical for making a more well-informed hire, allowing your company to focus on growing the business, not on dealing with potential problems. And these potential problems can range from minor to rather severe. Here are 4 risks you take if you fail to run a background check:.

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      Trusting your employees is key. You have to trust them to do their jobs, to treat customers and partners with respect, and to represent your brand appropriately. Verifying credentials is particularly important when you consider a recent report from CareerBuilder. You might remember the case of former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who landed in the headlines for allegedly misrepresenting his college degrees. Hiring someone with false credentials can directly affect your existing employees, too.

      Conducting Criminal Record Checks on Prospective Hires

      Extra time spent managing a bad hire is less time spent on helping the business grow. Therefore, running a background check is a surefire method to ensure you are hiring a candidate based on facts, giving you peace of mind and ensuring no time or effort go wasted.

      Using a background check service like GoodHire to verify education, employer history, and professional licenses earned helps you confirm candidate qualifications and move forward with certainty. Many business owners are worried about employees stealing cash and inventory.