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One potential and likely cause cited was sensory misperception stemming from a significant disturbance of sensory processing. While other conditions share this symptom, migraine included, there is still too much evidence that points to the conditions being separate. This could lead to more effective treatments and will definitely encourage further investigation. Researchers across the globe are planning more studies to better understand and find treatment for this condition. The hope is that one day there will be a cure and that people suffering from visual snow will get relief and have the chance to live a better quality life.

Thank you.

I have lived with this for decades and tried to tell doctors about it and been dismissed. Are used to say it was like it was misting outside. Thanks for your comment! You may try reaching out to other Visual Snow patients using the links in the article. I hope you feel better!

Now I am terrified. But what if it suddenly gets worse and becomes debilitating? Thank you for participating.

Some of the more common visual snow treatments include vision therapy, medication, diet, and precision tinted glasses. We recommend discussing your symptoms with your optometrist and an ophthalmologist. Axon Optics glasses block the light that has been implicated in triggering reactions and can worsen the condition.

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Our frames have a 30 day return policy should you find them ineffective. India Taylor , Vision Snow is no laughing matter. But I had the chuckles when I read that you thought it was like misting outside. In the early days of my VS, I would look outside and believe it was raining a fine pour. I had no clue that I was the only one seeing this.

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I have chronic Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and Bartonella. Looks like you and I will never be successful Meteorologists. I wish you well……. So many times I tell my adult son. Started 9 months ago for me with tinnitus, awful eustachian tube pressure, dizziness, weakness, and over 2 months later something white coming out of my ear in a nearly perfectly spherical ball. Slowly, that has been getting a little better but the tinnitus remains, although quieter than before. Going into my third month.

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I though I was seeing red blood cells in black and white, in my field of vision. I had cataract surgery so my Opthamologist could perform a better exam. She saw nothing but normal strand type floaters. My dots only appear in bright light. Thank God. However also appear on my computer monitor.

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Is there any hope??? You might contact your neuro-ophthalmologist, or one of the Visual Snow support groups. Our lenses provide relief for some people with this condition.

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We have both an indoor tint and an outdoor sunglasses tint. Our Axon Optics indoor lens is perfect for indoor use at home, school, church, the office, businesses — anywhere with bright lights and especially commercial fluorescent light fixtures. The outdoor lens too dark to use indoors, but provides great visibility outdoors with protection from the sun.

I have had this for a long, long time. Starting in my teens and roughly around the time my first persistent migraine aura cropped up.

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But I never had migraines with headaches until I was 20 so had no clue what either were until I was diagnosed with migraine with aura, then the visual snow and persistent migraine auras. Mine is the broadband type. Always there, worse in certain lights or from lack of sleep. I wear the tinted Axon specs mostly due to extreme photosensitivity, migraine or not. This is very validating to read. True enough when you worry about it, it seems to be more prominent, Thanks for the insight. I always thought it was normal and related to tunnel vision. Just had my second migraine ever last night plus aura and saw the visual snow illustration on Wikipedia and recognized it immediately.

Finally an explanation! Mine start at the periphery of my vision and float and wave their way towards the center. Two weeks before the initial onset there was an aura episode as well, no migraine pain through, maybe a different cause? It started 9 months ago for me with tinnitus, awful eustachian tube pressure, dizziness, weakness, and over 2 months later something white coming out of my ear in a nearly perfectly spherical ball.

Thank you for sharing. We have a lenient return policy for all nonprescription frames. We hope our product might provide you some relief. Thank you, thank you for such informative article! No ophthalmologist, optometrist, or neurologist had been able to give me any answer. Your article is la life saver! Thanks Axonoptics and thanks Dr. Andrew Charles for linking to this website. Hi Maria! Many doctors do not know that our product exists because it is not promoted through a major pharmaceutical company.

I hope that our lens provides you with the relief you need. We are desperate for answers and help. My now 17 year old son developed a debilitating case of VS 16 months ago. He has all of the classic VS symptoms, except for tinnitus.

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He also has developed extreme tremors, which is another symptom of VS. He wears different tints of sunglasses and they only reduce the extreme light sensitivity to a bearable level. He has had every test, including opthamological, neurological, bloodwork, etc etc. We need help. I wish there were a cure for this debilitating condition. As your son is extremely photophobic, our tints probably would be too light for him to wear alone. He might consider putting our outdoor tint in a Cover-RX Lite over one of his current dark lenses, to see if that provides him with some relief. Our tint has worked for some people with visual snow, so it may be worth trying in this situation.

Best of Luck!