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Enter your Skype username and password on the Skype welcome screen if it does not automatically sign you in. Wait for the Skype program to connect with the Skype server over your Internet connection. The program will chime when it has successfully connected, and it will display all of the friends and people you have already found and added to your Skype contact list.

Click "Add a Contact" from the drop-down menu. A dialog window will appear on the screen in which you can enter a name, phone number or email address of someone for whom you are searching.

How to Find People Interested in Starting a Business

Click the name of an individual to view more information. If the individual is the person you were attempting to find online, click "Add Contact" to add her name to your Skype contact list. Look through group and page descriptions to find one or more that seem interesting and might have materials that are relevant to you or provide an opportunity to reach people in that city.

How To Find People Online (The Easy Way!)

Some groups may require you to join and agree to membership rules before you can interact with the material posted there. Make sure you learn and abide by any policies regarding what can be posted on the group. For example, some may not allow particular language or might ban advertisements.

How to Find People on Facebook Based on City |

If you break the rules, you might anger the other group members or page users and have your posts deleted. You may also be able to find lists of popular Facebook groups about a city by searching for articles in publications from that city.

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Also consider using other social networking tools to find information about or from a city, including Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. Steven Melendez is an independent journalist with a background in technology and business. Skip to main content. About the Author Steven Melendez is an independent journalist with a background in technology and business. For more online sleuthing resources, check out Wendy's great tutorial on searching public records online.

To make yourself more findable?

Quick way to find people and companies that liked your Facebook page

Have a say in what Google says about you. Also, many of these services let you "claim" your name and add information to your results. Do a search for your own name and click the link that says, in effect, "Is this you?

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