Irs taxpayer identification number matching program

Tip: Are you getting an EIN for a small business? Perhaps a new sole proprietorship or small corporation? You need to designate a contact person—or what the online EIN application calls the responsible party. The IRS considers the contact person to be the individual or business responsible for tax matters.

How to Verify an Employer Tax ID Number

Note that you can designate any member owner as the primary member. In an LLC taxed as a corporation, you should identify a corporate officer as the responsible party the IRS should contact when it has questions. For instance, if you use a middle initial, do not place a period after that initial. No matter what type of entity your business is or how it is treated for tax purposes—sole proprietorship, partnership, C corporation or S corporation—you need to provide a physical address for your business.

This address must be a U. Do not use any punctuation except for a hyphen and a back slash. You will also be required to provide a phone number.

Why use IRS e-services TIN Matching Program

The final question on this page is whether you have an address different from the physical location where you wish to have your mail sent. If you do, you will be taken to a page to provide that address. Note: IRS systems only allow 35 characters on the street address line. If your address does not fit in 35 characters, please make sure you provide the most essential address information i.

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When prompted by the online EIN application, you need to provide the name of the entity, the trade name if any , the county and state where the entity is located, the state where the articles of organization or formation are filed, and the entity start date. The name you provide as the legal name of your business entity should match the articles of organization or articles of formation.

Optionally, you can provide a trade name, if any. The county and state will automatically be filled in by the computer based on the physical address previously entered.

However, you should verify that both of these bits of information are correct. When prompted, identify the state where the articles of organization or articles of formation were filed.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service uses these numbers to:

For example, a change in name or a change in type of entity. Please note that a change in address does not require a new W Use of a non-current form will delay payment processing because the non-current form has to be returned to the preparer and the current form must be completed before the payment can be processed in order for the UW to be in compliance with IRS and WI DOR regulations and forms. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison.

Employer Identification Number

Implementation of the W-9 reporting process January 1, : The UW needed to have a signed legal document on file to support and document the tax information when it makes a tax reportable payment. The required document is the IRS W-9 form.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): Form an LLC (9/11)

Using the social security number as a TIN is standard practice for freelancers. Payers are required by the IRS to annually file a tax form for each payee; the form reports the annual income and tax withheld. TIN matching verifies that the tax identification of a business or individual matches the IRS database. Accounts Payable usually obtains the TIN of a business or individual during the onboarding process by requiring a W-9, a tax form for the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Filing IRS Form W-9 - TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos

The concept of TIN matching sounds straightforward, but your accounts payable needs to have protocols for handling common problems that come up in the TIN matching process. Otherwise, mishandling the issues will but your company at risk for tax noncompliance or fines. After registering on the site, payers can enter up to 25 names and their TINs to get an immediate verification response or up to , names and their TINs to get a verification within 24 hours.

In fall , IRS made updates to its e-services tools, which required existing users to re-register to maintain access.