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The Recorder's Office is located at 44 N. San Joaquin St. They may be contacted at You can purchase record copies in person for the current and immediate past calendar year only , at the PHS Vital Records office located at E. Hazelton Ave , Stockton cross-street Wilson Way. Please contact us at for further information. Alternatively, if both parents were non-white, then the infant would be assigned to the father's race. Following the revision, the mother's race was used for tabulation as well as capturing parental ethnicity. This revision also incorporated risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, methods and complications of delivery, and clinical gestational age, reflected by obstetric exam and ultrasound.

The mechanism for recording data on paper was constant even as the content of birth registration evolved. The paper medium for birth registration was felt to be responsible for significant delays in data reporting 1 to 3 years , leading to reduced utility. Thus, the electronic birth certificate was created in California in , and by the beginning of , 20 states had adopted an electronic birth certificate.

Most recently, the latest revision has added fields, which facilitate monitoring of relevant public health trends. More detail on smoking is now assessed by trimester, including the 3 months before pregnancy. Furthermore, the rising issue of obesity is better delineated through more detailed data collection of pre-pregnancy weight, weight and height at delivery, and pre-pregnancy versus gestational-related diabetes and hypertension. Although, infections during the pregnancy were added, HIV was not among the list.

For quality assurance purposes, maternal morbidities related to labor and delivery, such as transfusion and ruptured uterus, were added. Since , source of payment for delivery is now captured, which could further clarify issues related to the ongoing national health coverage debates. This is also the first time that mothers and fathers may identify themselves with more than one race, consistent with changes in the Census.

Further discussion of reporting of race on the birth certificate is beyond the scope of the present paper, but the reader can refer to technical notes 18 for further review of the critical issues. The revision includes efforts to improve quality of data through new standard worksheets, one for the mother and one for the facility, insuring capturing the data from optimal sources. The worksheets include more specific definitions, as well as mechanisms to double check data upon entry.

Although all states now have electronic systems, many systems are over years old, and not all states have incorporated the revisions. Many states are in various stages of addressing these concerns through revising their original systems with the ultimate goal of standardizing the birth certificate electronic systems. The aim is to improve efficiency and accuracy through interfacing with other systems such as newborn screening and automatically extracting clinical data from the mother's electronic medical record. The fields of public health and epidemiology have been coterminous with the refinement of vital statistics.

However, despite strides in the collection of birth registration data, the quality of this data has been a serious issue, which will be discussed below. As noted above, in the s, issues with under-reporting were noted with regard to pregnancy or labor complications.

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The authors also found that the more serious the complication, the more likely it was to be reflected accurately. Although there were significant improvements over time, under-reporting remained a concern. When comparing prenatal records, hospital records and birth certificate data, Dobie et al. Roohan et al. In the past, various high-risk populations have been identified as less likely to have births registered.

Higher rates of missing data have also been associated with high-risk populations. Gould et al. The Bureau of the Census survey demonstrated that the party responsible for completion of the birth certificate was a major contributing factor to the quality of the data. By the birth registration completeness test, physicians had significantly improved their registration rates, but this varied by in hospital or home birth. Shapiro found that in in the Continental US, if a physician was in attendance at the birth in a hospital, there was In order to realize the great potential utility of birth certificate information today, the accuracy and completeness of the data must be raised.

Crucial to raising such rates, there is a need to examine which personnel are responsible for data collection, how missing data is handled, and how data entry and collection staffs are trained.

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We would argue that understanding the practice of data gathering and recording is crucial to enhancing the use of birth certificate information in both research and clinical practice. Northam et al. The persons responsible for data collection, some with data training and others without, varied from untrained clerks to nurses, and in one case, physicians.

In four of the five hospitals, no physician participation was involved in the collection or review of the data. The one hospital with physician involvement also had nurses collecting data to improve data quality.


Data quality remains an issue, despite improvements. The study of data quality itself remains fraught with methodological issues, including the generalizability of results due to small populations in many studies. We would assert that, owing to the need for high-quality data to inform public health decisions, staff should be trained to properly utilize existing tools such as standardized worksheets in a reliable manner.

Technological advances such as ongoing web-based training sessions could provide a low cost means to accomplish this goal. The birth certificate is a living organism that matures and evolves. It has undergone many changes over time. In addition to its demographic importance, birth certificate data are an important source of information for researchers, policy makers and state officials to evaluate quality of care being delivered to pregnant women.

Alabama Birth Records

Advances in technology have allowed for linkages of administrative data to other sources of information including Medicaid, death certificates and other publically funded programs like WIC and food stamps. With the increased use of administrative data to evaluate and improve the quality of care, the need to insure accuracy and completeness is essential. With the advent of a universal electronic format of the birth certificate, there are more opportunities to improve data quality, especially through standardized worksheets and web-based training programs.

Furthermore, as electronic linkages are created among birth certificates, medical records, and other databases such as newborn screening, medical treatment for individuals will be optimized. The economic challenges that we as a nation are now facing may result in a push to postpone improvements to vital statistics. Nevertheless, with history as our guide, we can see that without such reliable high-quality data, we cannot use our resources wisely.

Hetzel AM. History and organization of the vital statistics system. Brown E. Value of the Vital Statistics Data on birth and death certificates in county health work. Am J Public Health ; 28 : — Accessed on 1 December Available at: www. Schoendorf K, Branum A. The use of United States Vital Statistics in perinatal and obstetric research.

Am J Obstet Gynecol ; : — Zemach R. What the vital statistics system can and cannot do. Am J Public Health ; 74 : — Shapiro S, Schachter J.

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