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On this page we summarize all the information available for this issue. The phone numbers belongs to the company Verizon California Inc. Scammer call everday: protect yourself. While marketing via phone will be with us for the foreseeable future, here are some ways you can use to protect your self from scammers who also use phones to reach potential victims. Be weary of callers that tell you that you have won a prize in form of grants, lotteries, or visas. Especially when they never clearly state the name of the company or organization. Scammers come up with nonexistent rewards to try to make you pay a processing fee or an upfront.

Sometimes scammers call you from half way across the world. You may be able to tell from the quality of the reception that the call is a long distance one, or the speakers on the other side may not speak "English" well enough to be marketers in your country. There may also be telltale signs: a call to prayer, common in certain countries, people speaking a foreign language in the background or other uncomplimentary noises. Never give sensitive information to sources you do not know. When you pick a call, let the person on the other side give you all the information they have.

Do not confirm your name, your address, especially your identification numbers. If they ask you for such information that's a cue that to hang up. You work hard to earn your money, do not allow some Scammers may pose as your bank. In the case where they claim to represent organizations that you have business with, banks, credit card companies, or law firms, tell them you will call them.

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